About D&D

About Darren

A native of San José, CA transplanted to Portland, OR, Darren is an alumnus of Bellarmine College Prep (’02, HS) and the University of Portland (’06, BA).  Currently Darren works at Sage, where he started in the support department, then moved to contact center operations. He’s since moved to the customer experience (CX) team, where he serves as a herder of cats Customer Experience Manager on the Global CX team.  In his spare time, he is a dad, percussionist (concert & orchestral; jazz, latin, even the occasional musical!), photographer (check out dlphoto.net for photos), technology lover, soccer fan (and drummer in the Timbers Army), homeowner, chef, racing crew chief, and mechanic for his car and race cars.

About Dawn

A Beaverton, OR native, Dawn is an alumna of Beaverton High School (’04, HS) and the University of Portland (’08, BA). After a few years away in the corporate world, she’s back on The Bluff, this time in an IT role. In her spare time, she is a mom, singer, percussionist (Darren’s fault), soccer fanatic (also a drummer in the Timbers Army), cat mom, fashion and nail art lover, auto racing fan, and sometimes the tiny set of hands that Darren needs to get into the ridiculously odd-shaped and tiny places of the inner workings of German cars.

About Vesper

Is cat. Graced them with her presence by appearing in the yard one day, likely abandoned or a runaway. Totally runs the house. Generally is found napping in the office window or on top of Dawn’s car. Or if it’s winter, our laps (or pouting wondering why she ISN’T on our laps).

About Christine

Introducing Christine! Currently spends her time napping. We can’t want to see what she becomes.

About Us (or, how’d you meet, anyway?)

No overly romantic storytelling here (so for those who were expecting good reading…too bad).  We met in late 2004 at UP, were engaged mid-June 2007, and married June 14, 2008. That’s it. Boring story, really…