New Camera, Who Dis?

Yep. It’s true. I’ve joined the mirrorless ranks this week with the addition of a Nikon Z 6 to the bag. Work was kind to me this year with end of year bonuses, else this would not have happened. It was something Dawn and I have talked about for a while, because while I love the D600, it’s a big camera for Dawn and somewhat cumbersome for her to use with small hands. I considered snatching up a D3/D4 of some sort (used–and may still whenever the market gets flooded with them as the pros upgrade to the D6 in the next 12-24 months), but the wife acceptance factor won out.

The Z 6 and the included 24-70 f/4 kit lens.

Difference between Z mount lens (left) and F mount (right).

Pros: 9 FPS! Could be 12 FPS if I lower RAW bitrate to 12-bit, but 9 is nearly double 5.5 from the D600 and the “normal” high speed on the z 6. Killer autofocus. 4K video. In-body image stabilization. Takes same battery form factor as the D600 (good when it arrives with no charge and you want to play with it right away!). Killer holiday package deal from B&H: camera, 24-70 f/4 lens, XQD memory card, FTZ lens adapter, UV filter, and a bag.

Providence Park

Cons: FTZ lens adapter doesn’t have provisions for screw focus lenses (aka EVERY lens I own). Still uncertain about the electronic viewfinder–I’m not used to looking at the very top of the viewfinder for any indicators as it’s all below the image in my DSLR. The viewfinder, and the main display, are really nice–extremely crisp image. XQD is *spendy* for a memory form factor, but I do like how sturdy the cards are.

The new Marian Prayer Grotto at the University of Portland.

Next upgrades: another XQD card, second battery (mirrorless means displays do everything, that makes me nervous), **maybe** an upgrade to my 17-35 wide angle that will work both with the D600, N80, and with the FTZ adapter.


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